Thursday, October 8, 2009

Polaroid, 1995

Polaroid 1995, originally uploaded by Thee E. Aldriches.
I found this old Polaroid at my parents' house a while back. In a couple months, this will be exactly half my life ago (I was 15, I'm nearly 30). Here's what you see here in a list:

1. Me, as a hessian, 1995.
2. Fender Stratocaster (Japanese Model)
3. Solidstate Marshall combo amp
4. Book of the complete tablature for Slayer's "South of Heaven" album
5. A manger scene atop a console TV
6. Super Nintendo
7. A ceramic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
8. A birdcage contained a parakeet named Mr. Peabody (who was more commonly referred to as Mr. P-Town)
9. A gate to keep the dog either in or out of the living room, depending upon where we needed him.
10. A pink chair.
11. Floral-print Oriental rugs
12. Floral-print wallpaper
13. Kong dog toy


Sean said...

I was 11 at the time.

I'm typing this on my new iPhone that I got for work. In 1995, we didn't even have the internet.

Eric said...

You have an iPhone for work!?! That's rad. I think in 1995 we were still playing "King's Quest" and "Storybook Weaver" on the ol' PC.

Sean said...

I just got it yesterday; I'll call you on it.

Kings quest was awsome! what was it that we were getting stuck on, the Minotaur?

Eric said...

That was the game where we got stuck on the minotaur. Remember how we could call the hint line but it cost money?