Monday, October 5, 2009


Erin and I attended the Oktoberfest atop Mt. Lemmon with some friends. The Catalina Mountains are one of the best things about Tucson. You can drive from desert to forest in about an hour. Check out other pictures at our Flickr page.

Eric at Oktoberfest

Alberto joins the band

This band is called John Prokop's Musikmeisters. Alberto (far right) is only an honorary member.

Erin at Oktoberfest 4


Sarah Clarke Gaudet said...

These are great photos. I like the black border around the first one of Erin. It gives it an older feel or something.


Eric said...

Thanks! You get the black border if you use the "Blog This" function through Flickr.

BillyPru said...

nice pics.

Eric said...


Sean said...

These are some great photos of you guys.