Monday, October 12, 2009

Leo Boot from Novacas


Erin and I have had mixed results with vegan footwear. These Novacas boots look pretty rad, but I'm a bit hesitant to drop the $160 they cost. We'll see if I ever get the courage. Any advice?
Leo Boot from Novacas


ev said...

The thought of paying that much for shoes should incite some hesitation, especially since you can't take 'em out for a test-walk and learn to love or hate them. But radness? Radness might be worth it, even though it merits some coinage, sadly. Shoes made from recycled or found material could be a cheaper, yet still conscience-assuaging, alternative. Empty tissue box trainers? Yes, please!

Eric said...

I do worry about not getting to try them out. Empty tissue boxes would be great (like Kevin on The Office wedding episode) or I could staple socks to shingles. Maybe we're on to something...