Monday, October 26, 2009

Mourning Ring

I found this mourning ring on the Erie Basin antiques site. Of course, I found Erie Basin by linking through a great picture of a dog on Old Chum. Check out the Erie Basin Antiques Tumblr too.

Here's the details -

1780 Georgian Sepia Mourning Ring


18K/22K Gold, Enamel, Crystal, Ivory, Sepia Ink, and Hair




US Size 7 (can't be sized)


Very Good. Wear to enamel.


A gorgeous Georgian-era mourning ring. The miniature features a sepia painting of an urn on ivory, surrounded by weeping willows made from tiny pieces of hair. This type of mourning jewelry was popular in the late 18th century, but is extremely rare to find in good condition. The setting is in higher karat gold than is typical. The enamel work reads "J.S. Cowen, O.B. 10, Fe, 1780, AE 65" meaning that the ring commemorated the death of J.S. Cowen, who died on February 10th, 1780 at age 65.



Of course, I would totally buy this is I had a spare thousand bucks lying around. I've always been fascinated by hair jewelry and mourning artifacts made of hair. This, of course, represents both interests.

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