Friday, October 30, 2009

The Comings' Cottages - Michigan 1911

michigan cabins, originally uploaded by Thee E. Aldriches.

michigan cabins reverse

The text on the right hand side reads: The Comings' Cottages. Little Manistee River, Michigan.

The reverse side reads:
"Oberlin Ohio, July 26, 1911.

My Dear Gladys:
Received your card today have been up in Mich. for a while with Father and Mother C. at their cottage - had a good time fishing, caught a lot of trout. Like (? unreadable - any ideas?) up their (sic) the folks go every summer - I think I will too after this. They are still up there. We are all well glad to hear from you - write again soon. B.L.C."

Little Manistee River is a still a hot spot for fishing. Check it out here.

The letter is addressed to: Miss Gladys Chamberlain, 309-4 Ave - West (?), Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

I found some interesting information about Miss Chamberlain here in the History of Audubon County, Iowa. She was a school teacher and a member of Brayton Lodge No. 567, Daughters of Rebekah. She held the title of Grand Noble. The DOH are a woman's auxiliary of the Odd Fellows. I can't prove beyond a doubt that this is the same Miss Chamberlain, but the years line up correctly.

One more note about people I find and profile from postcards: If you're a family member of the person profiled, or someone mentioned on the postcard, please write me an e-mail and I would love to send you the card. I am so fascinated with how these things circulate (I found this in a box at a swap meet in Tucson, AZ) and I love collecting them, but I have no problem parting with my postcards if it means restoring a bit of history to a family.

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