Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wildflower Desert

It's been a very rainy winter so far in Arizona and they're predicting more rain for this coming weekend. Winter rain means great wild flower blooms in the spring. This issue of Arizona Highways from February 1963 has a photograph by Chuck Abbott on the cover showing spring blooms near Wilcox, AZ.

I'm looking forward to a great wildflower spring this year. Here are some photos I took at Lost Dutchman State Park (R.I.P.) a couple of years ago during another great spring bloom.
¡PoluciĆ³n Del Aire!
Flatiron Flowers
Jacob's Crosscut Trail


Jamie Courteau bates said...

Oh wow Eric these pics are gorgeous. I've always wanted to go shoot in az hopefully if I ever make it out there we can hang out!! Take care and keep the pics coming..
Ps I hope your kitty is still feeling better.

Eric said...

Thanks Jamie!

The kitty is doing a lot better. I've almost stopped worrying about it.

AZ is a great place to photograph, particularly if you like doing landscapes. The light does things out here I couldn't even have imagine back in MA.