Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Scientia Pro Publica #20

I recently learned about blog carnivals. They're a good way to bring folks who are blogging on similar topics together. Basically, a blog carnival is a perambulating list of links under a common name. Each carnival has a particular theme. Bloggers submit posts to the carnival and each time a new edition comes out, it's hosted on a different blog.

I thought this seemed like a neat idea, so I submitted my interview with Peter Breslin about cactus to a carnival called Scientia Pro Publica. This edition of Scientia is hosted over at Kind of Curious and includes a brief write-up and a link to my post. Kind of Curious is a really interesting science/nature blog. My article is featured next to a really interesting article on joshua trees by Chris Clarke, who maintains another cool blog I've been following for a couple weeks, Coyote Crossing

So check out Scientia Pro Publica #20 here at Kind of Curious. Maybe you'll find some new reading material.


Kind of Curious said...

Thanks for the advertisement, Eric. I have been submitting posts to several carnivals for a few months now, and I have found it is a great way to get the word out about your blog. I didn't realize until I started writing up this Scientia carnival (my first attempt at hosting), that when you are published in a carnival, it is a good idea to advertise it on your own blog as you have. That helps increase everyone's readership. Nature Blog Network puts out a list of upcoming carnivals on their website every Tuesday. It is under the "Blog" heading. Thanks again. John

Eric said...

No problem, John. Thanks for hosting Scientia and including "M.O.C."