Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bears are Around

bear postcard
bear reverse
From the reverse:
Dear Heather(?)
We haven't seen any bears this trip but were told they were around. We are heading for home tomorrow.
Keep well,

To: Mrs. Ida Ritchie(?)
3 Arista Drive
Huntington Station, L.I.
New York

Too bad Helen didn't see any bears on her trip in July 1967. Erin (my wife) has told me several times how she used to see black bears on trips to Maine with her family. The bears were eating trash out of a campground dump. Their favorite entrée? Dirty diapers. We didn't see many bears where we lived in southern central Massachusetts. In fact, whenever a bear or a moose wandered down from the north it made the news. There are well-established black bear populations in the mountains out here in Arizona, and I've seen lots of evidence that I've been in bear territory, but I've haven't run across one just yet. I guess I've got Helen's bear spotting skills...

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