Monday, February 15, 2010

The Middle of Arizona in the Middle of the 20th Century

From the reverse: "One of the outstanding formations in this beautifully colored valley."

Though Sedona, AZ has made the news mostly recently because of New Age donkey James Arthur Ray and the sweat lodge deaths, it's usually known for it's iconic red rocks and scenic Oak Creek Canyon. It's red sandstone formations, such as Bell Rock on the postcard above, tower above the town in the valley. It's as beautiful as it is packed with tourists. A trip to Sedona suggests that the tourism and automobile industries sustained efforts for nearly a century have paid off. This video is a 1949 travelogue commissioned by Chevrolet that features Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona, San Luis Obispo and San Diego in California, and Western Michigan. In addition to Oak Creek, it shows the Native American ruins site, Tuzigoot, which is in the Verde Valley, a bit south of Sedona. I have included a postcard of Tuzigoot below the video.

Tuzigoot Ruins
Tuzigoot Ruins. From the reverse: "High on a ridge of limestone above the Verde River are the ruins of an ancient settlement of Indians. It is estimated that the community once housed on this site was flourishing about 1000 A.D."

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