Sunday, May 2, 2010

Zane Lamprey

I'm pretty stoked. Erin and I are going to see Zane Lamprey tonight for her birthday. If you're not familiar with Zane Lamprey, let me fill you in. He's a comedian, T.V. show host, and professional drinker. That's right - professional drinker. His first show, Three Sheets (available here on Hulu), featured Lamprey visiting cities all over the world and drinking with the locals. Three Sheets, which was on FLN but has moved to The Travel Channel, might be the best travel show ever. With Three Sheets, Dhani Tackles the Globe, and No Reservations, the Travel Channel is actually worth watching! Lamprey's not shy about getting into the booze. In fact, he's usually tanked about 15 minutes into each episode and does the latter half of the show hammered. He holds it together pretty well, though; he is a professional.

Three Sheets also rewards avid followers (like me and Erin) with lots of great inside jokes and even drinking games. For example, every time you see a monkey on the show, you drink....and Lamprey's sidekick is a plush toy monkey named Pleepleus. Other returning characters, like his buddy Steve McKenna and Jim the Cop, add a bit of continuity and humor to the show.

Lamprey has a new show coming out called Drinking Made Easy, which is basically like Three Sheets, but in the U.S. instead of worldwide. I think Steve McKenna will show up more often, too, which is a plus. If you're not familiar with Lamprey, DVR Three Sheets and I bet you'll be hooked too. There's not much good stuff on TV these days, so it's important to support the few good shows that show up.

Can't wait to have a couple of beers tonight at the Rialto. I'll try to get "Steve McKenna'd"(euphemism for wasted) or "Jim the Cop it" (euphemism for spilling beer down the front of yourself during a chugging contest).

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