Saturday, May 22, 2010

Great Ideas for a Perfect Life #1

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I have several recurrent post themes here on MOCS1986, such as Homesick Yankee Ramblings and 10 Works, and I thought it was time to add another. Introducing Great Ideas for a Perfect Life. The title is pretty much self explanatory - sometimes I get great ideas that, though unlikely to happen, would probably result in a fantastic life.

Sometimes they're minor ideas. For example, the other day I proposed to Erin that we have breakfast food for dinner once a week. That's something we can do. Other ideas aren't so easily achieved.

I recently got paid for a short story I wrote. It's my first paying publication. $25 Canadian dollars. So I proposed to Erin that I save any money I make from publishing fiction or creative writing and put it into a fund. That money will be set aside to buy an RV. It's great because it encourages me to write more and try harder to publish AND it could, in theory, eventually allow us to buy and RV and travel the country. I don't write much, it's hard to publish, and most journals pay little if anything, so the RV won't be parked in our yard anytime soon. Still, writing for a living, spending my time visiting interesting places, meeting cool people, and doing rad things, is a great idea for a perfect life.

Of course, we'd also need a German Shepherd with a bandanna and a large format camera....


Eve said...

RV agree!
Congratulations on the publication, but perhaps more importantly, congrats on committing to b'fast for dinner. That's what matters in life.

My GIfaPL #1 - Living with all my extended family (I have a big, fun family...I'm lucky) on a huge plot of land called "Camp Awesome." It's a camp for adults and features things like laser tag, grown-up footie pajama sleepovers, Goonies-style waster slides.

Anonymous said...

heck yeah, start an RV fund. do it! & congrats on the publication.

Eric said...

Hey thanks! You're both welcome to hang out in our RV and have breakfast for dinner...someday. Maybe we'll park it at Camp Awesome and eat waffles in footed pajamas.