Saturday, May 15, 2010

Live From AZ Central!!!

If you want to get an idea of how many Arizonans think, look no further than the comments on articles posted on the Arizona Republic's website, AZ Central. I thought it would be revealing if I posted the title of some articles and some of the corresponding comments they generated. I will not discuss or editorialize on the comments or articles, but consider that my compiling in this manner is its own editorializing.

1. Comment on a May 15 article on Macho B, the jaguar that was captured and euthanized several months ago in Southern AZ.
User John5319 writes: Yes let's talk about "the economic problems you are worried about"...... in Arizona. Our new Immigration Law, and those who are against it, reminds me of the world's past history which we are repeating. We are repeating the history of the Warsaw Jews in pre-war Germany. The German government, under Hitler, created the boycotts that would DEMAND that anyone caught making a purchase from a Jewish merchant would face a prison cell. Isn't that very close to the same thing we hear today from Los Angeles, Austin Texas, Chicago high schools, and even Attorney General Holder who has not even read the bill? The only thing that is missing is the jail cell or the bullet from a Mauser rifle. Those State governments who want to boycott Arizona, make is just like the Jewish merchants. We as a state are being singled out simply because the power hungry have chosen to look at Arizonians as the Jews from Warsaw Poland. Where is the outcry about that? They want to punish, not understand. Yet they say a boycott in the name of "fairness" and "equality", but you can't have a boycott without hurt. This is about our state economy as well as existing Federal Law, the one that nobody wants to enforce. Those against our state law will say anything so that it doesn't threaten its existence or offend the moral FEELINGS of any illegals. Today our state is the Jew from Warsaw. It's time we realize it, and learn from History."

2. On an article entitled "Australian Teen Completes Round-the-World sail:" 
User GoHomeIllegalAliens (who's icon photo is a crossed out Mexican flag) writes: "When she turn 18? Id give her a round the world trip she cant refuse once shes legal!!"

3. From "Small Earthquake Shakes Southern California:"
User AZDivine writes: "This is all prophecised in Tehran, Iran from a cleric who predicted the West would pay for it's immodesty and (hence "Boobquakes"). Look out California and Vegas "PORN CITIES"... You're going down! Stop shakin it over there! You're tippin it in the ocean!"

4. Article - Alleged Robber Uses Mask to Appear Black:
User - Windrunner: "I wonder how they discovered he was a true human."

5. Miley Cyrus to Appear on 'Dancing with the Stars:"
User - cleave: "She's really not a very attractive girl, After her years of being on top I think she will crash burn in the flames of stardom. Use it while you got it Miley, because it never last.. you'll be pimping your child to fulfill your dream someday."

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