Monday, March 8, 2010

Maricopa Through a Plastic Lens

I was looking through my former posts and I saw that I have posts about Calcutta, West Bengal and Tucson, AZ we've shot with lomo cameras, but nothing for Maricopa County, AZ or Massachusetts. I don't know why that feels like some sort of upset of universal balance, but I guess I have a connection to a limited number of places. They all need to be represented if I'm going to feel like the virtual MOCS space is to be the diversionary microcosm of well-loved places I need it to be. It makes sense to me; all you have to do is enjoy the pictures...
Tempe Bike Lane Holga 31/365
South Mountain Lookout - 13/365
Erin Digital Pinhole
Homemade digital pinhole lens for our Nikon.
Soft Focus

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