Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mt. Kimball via Finger Rock Trail

On Monday I set out up Mount Kimball via the Finger Rock Trail. This picture here is a panorama and is best viewed on a larger size. The trail is steep as hell, but the view at the top is pretty spectacular. You gain 4250 feet of elevation in just over five miles. I can see Mt. Kimball and Finger Rock from my living room window, but what I couldn't see was all the snow still lingering in the ground in the shade of the trees!
Below is Mt. Kimball's summit. The snow capped mountain in the background is Tanque Verde Peak in Saguaro National Park.
finger rock trail 016
Of course, I knew there was still a lot of snow on Mt. Lemmon. Mt. Kimball's summit is at about 7000 feet, about 2000 feet lower than Mt. Lemmon, but the view of the Mt. Lemmon from atop Mt. Kimball is pretty damn cool.
mt lemmon 1
Here's another panorama from near Linda Vista Saddle, about two miles before you reach the summit of Mt. Kimball. I make these panoramas by stitching multiple photos together in Photoshop. Again, it's best viewed large.
near linda vista
While at the top, these ravens kept swooping up from below me, soaring out away from the mountain and then back in. They would fly way up and then dive fast, below the mountain and out of sight.
raven 3
raven 2
raven 1

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