Saturday, March 13, 2010

Destiny of Cats

What sort of philosophers are we, who know absolutely nothing about the origin and destiny of cats? - Henry David Thoreau

ish on keyboard

According to Thoreau, we might not know the destiny of cats, but I'm pretty certain that knowing Ishmael's destiny would reveal something about my own. And, based on yesterday's visit to the vet, I hope that's true. After his terrible episode of kidney failure over a month ago, yesterday's blood test at the vet showed that Ishmael's levels are nearly back to normal. Considering how high they were, the drop is unprecedented and really astounding. The vet said she had never seen a cat with such high levels live, let alone recover to near normalcy. We can cut down on his medicine and he now only gets subcutaneous fluids twice a week. He's more energetic than he's been in months. Only his medical routine and shaved forelegs remind us of his sickness. I feel truly happy when I look at him, even when he's preventing me from doing my work.

My brother bought me the photo at the top. The back says the cats' names are "Buff, Juno, and Sappho." Apparently, Buff and Juno are not Sappho's muses...

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Sean said...

Great news! I was worried about the little guy.