Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blackbird, Fly

I bought Erin a Blackbird, Fly 35mm plastic camera for Christmas last year. We've had several toy or plastic cameras over the years, the hero of the pack being a trusty, old-fashioned Holga. The Blackbird, Fly is a twin reflex camera, but, like many other Lomo cameras, the lenses are plastic. It took us nearly a year to take 36 photos and get the film developed. The film was long expired 200 speed Fuji Film. Many of the pictures came out rather dark, but here are few that came out pretty well. Erin took all of these shots.
Eric Agua Caliente Park
This photo and the one above are both from Agua Caliente Park in Tucson.
tucson gate
tucson yard 2
Both of these are of our yard at our last house in Tucson. We had a wet spell and the yard went crazy with flowers. The recent monsoon activity in Glendale has only driven ants indoors. Biting ants.
birds on a wire
"The Mint" on Grant Road in Tucson. A lot pigeons on that wire.
rose canyon lake
This last one is of Rose Canyon Lake up on Mt. Lemmon. There's a campground there and they stock it with fish. It's a man-made lake and would barely pass muster as a pond in most parts of the country, but it's a whole lot of water in one place for here in Arizona.

Now that we've developed a roll of film, we have a better idea of how the camera shoots. I'm excited to see how our next batch of photos turns out.

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