Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It's the first of September and I don't feel like we had a very eventful monsoon season in Arizona this year. In fact, I don't think I saw one impressive thunderstorm all summer. Maybe it's our new vantage point here in Glendale. There's no open space here. Too many buildings, too many walls, too many big, non-native trees. We saw some great storm in Tucson in the summers of '08 and '09 and some longer term residents than us claim we had mild summers compared to others in the past.

I took these lightning photos from the backyard of our first Tucson house near 22nd Street in August 2008. The storm ended up getting pretty powerful, dropping a lot hail, and putting part of the city without electricity for a few days.
Lightning Bolt
There are a few more from this storm in our Flickr "Tucson" set.

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