Friday, August 6, 2010

Great Ideas for a Perfect Life #2

Under the right circumstances, I could stay in Arizona forever. Maybe. Here's how I'd do it. Erin and I would need to find someplace within easy driving distance from Tucson or Sedona, but someplace rural. I'd need some desert views. I'd like some mountains, too, or some towering cliffs. I don't care if they're red cliffs, or brown cliffs, just as long as they're tall enough to make me feel small when I look at them.

I'd want to live in an adobe house with an ocotillo fence. I'd want it to be old, but I'd want to create an off-grid scenario as much as possible. Solar panels for the reliable Arizona sun, rain-catchers, lots of porches and awnings. We'd be able to really open the house to the outside with lots of window that open wide and double doors. Tile and wood inside, firepit out back in a brick patio with benches and surrounded by tall cactus.

I don't have the money scenario worked out exactly yet, but I feel this perfect life idea hinges more on independence than money anyhow. I suppose I'd make money keeping bees and making stuff out of things I found in the desert. Prickly pear fruit products, fossils, and things of that nature. Erin looked up kitchen witchcraft the other day and, while we don't attribute spiritual significance to domestic tasks, the idea of being able to make your own soaps, lotions, oils, incense, herbal preparations and such seems like not only a good, healthy way to live, but also as a possible way to make a modest income.

Coyotes, javelina, jackrabbits...we'd have them all rolling through. The cats would have lots to look at from the windows. I'd get rid of all my clothes except shorts made from cut-off pants, old t-shirts, a couple thermal flannels, my Top Siders, and some boots. And during the monsoon, we'd sit outside on the porch and watch the desert flood and the cactus swell. I'd save every devil's claw and hawk's feather I found, give them out free to kids when we sold our honey, prickly pear jelly, and desert products. I'm pretty sure kids have got to like like devil's claws and hawk feathers.


berrylies said...

Terrific post!

Eric said...

Thank you!

Jim said...

You should look at Oracle,Arizona. My wife and I lived there for five years until 2008. Great people, 30 minutes to North Tucson.

Eric said...

Thanks Jim. I make my way to Oracle every now and then, sometimes on my way to Peppersauce Camp and other points north in the Catalinas. It is beautiful there. I'll definitely keep your favorable review of the place in mind when I abscond to the desert.

Edward Abbey lived in Oracle until he died, so there's some pretty hefty support for the little town, too!