Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Narrows

The Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix are incredible. From the spectacular views awarded to those who climb up Siphon Draw to the Flatiron, to the ubiquitous Weaver's Needle, to the many petroglyphs near Hieroglyphics Spring, the Superstitions are full of amazing natural wonders that in other states would make National Park status in a second. In fact, the Supes are part of Tonto National Forest and the much of the mountains are contained in the Superstition National Wilderness.

Last week me and a friend went for a quick overnight trip into the Superstitions. We originally intended to go to Reavis Falls, but the road was closed so we opted for the Boulder Canyon Trail. Our plans were pretty tentative - just hike in and find a good spot to camp - but we ran into a couple of helpful older gentlemen who steered us to a place called "The Narrows." The Narrows is really an amazing canyon cut through a mountain in an "S" shape. To get there, you need to slog up a wash for a couple miles. Jumping from boulder to boulder with a heavy pack puts your thighs muscles and balance to the test, but it would be a realistic, if ambitious, day hike. Difficulty aside, the reward is amazing. There's a big pool with a little beach in a beautiful canyon. We pitched our tents in a corner of the canyon under the shelter of a tree. Here are some photos I took around the The Narrows. More here on Flickr.


canyon morning

algae and red leaf debris

The color contrasts are caused by algae and leaf debris in the water.

a serpentine canyon

You can see the scale of the canyon walls here. Look the lower left-hand third of the photo. That really little looking fellow is my buddy Chris. Those walls are really high.

up canyon

Lebarge Canyon night view

The Narrows at Night

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