Saturday, September 18, 2010

VBS.TV - "Americana" - "The Muscle Shoals Sound"

In VBS.TV's newest installment of their "Americana" series, they move from the forests of Oregon to the swamps of Alabama. "The Muscle Shoals Sound" uses interviews and archival photographs and footage to explore "one of the birthplaces of rock & roll; Muscle Shoals, AL. The place Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, The Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Osmonds, Mac Davis, and Duane Allman made famous. We traveled to the internationally acclaimed recording town where host Ian Svenonius talked to some folks who helped establish it's distinctive American R & B sound."

The documentary both unearths the Muscle Shoals, AL area's rich recording history and highlights some contemporary Muscle Shoals musicians trying to make it in the shadow of the giants that came before them. These bands include Doc Dailey and Magnolia Devil, Satan's Youth Ministers, and The Pine Hill Haints. My friends may recognize The Haints as one of the bands I've been pestering you to listen to for a few years now. I'm really digging Doc Dailey and Magnolia Devil now too. Learn some history and discover cool bands all in one place!

Check out the trailer above and visit VICE/VBS.TV to watch the documentary in its entirety.

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