Sunday, June 13, 2010

Second Saturdays

One of the few things Erin and I enjoyed about living in Tempe more than Tucson was First Fridays.  The first Friday of each month, the streets around Roosevelt and 7th in Phoenix are shut down, bars and art galleries are open, vendors and performers take to the street and it's a really, really great time. I particularly love it at night during the summer when it's still hot, but comfortable.

Then we learned about Second Saturdays, Tucson's version of the same event. We went last night and it was pretty good. Fewer vendors and art galleries than First Fridays, but I think it's fairly new and just catching on. It's on Congress Street, so it's right in downtown Tucson. A lot of people were out and I have no doubt it will eventually come into it's own and be just as great as First Fridays. The big difference now is that they shut down the streets in Phoenix, but not in Tucson. It would be a lot, lot better if they shut down Congress Street during the event.

The band above is The Mission Creeps, a cool Tucson band we discovered while watching our favorite Phoenix band, The Love Me Nots.

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