Friday, June 4, 2010

Hexalectris revoluta/colemanii

A rare orchid named Hexalectris colemanii is delaying Rosemont Copper's plans to open a mine near the Santa Rita Mountains south of Tucson. The flower is extremely rare and requires exact conditions, including a type of fungi, to grow. The orchid also grows in parts of Mexico, New Mexico, and Texas. Outside of Arizona, it's called Hexalectris revoluta, but the Arizona variety may be a unique species and it's named Hexalectris colemanii after Tucson orchid expert, Ronald Coleman. The Forest Service is delaying a report on the environmental impacts of the mine in order to study the impact of the mine on this unique flower.

Of course, the idiots are raising the usual sound and fury. The AZ Daily Star quotes Benson, AZ mayor Mark Fenn as saying, "They will use every excuse to delay things. It is beyond me why they would hinder a potential economic resource for the region, given the high rate of unemployment we are experiencing right now." At least Mr. Fenn is honest - clearly the implications of conservation and environmental protect are indeed "beyond him." Obviously, we should disregard the future of our local environment because of events that are happening "right now." There's short sighted...and then there's this guy. I wish people in Arizona would find leaders who don't find really, really simple stuff "beyond" them.

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