Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Falafel Chips

Erin and I were down at the Food Conspiracy co-op on 4th Ave earlier and stumbled upon something awesome - Falafel Chips. They are exactly what you'd expect, which is, of course, chips that taste like falafel, but they're also organic and not too bad for you. They're sort of the consistency of Tostito Rounds.  The maker, Flamous Brands, advertises these as the first chips made specifically for hummus dip. While the people who make pita chips might disagree, they would have a hard time arguing that anything is as tasty with hummus as Falafel Chips. The Falafel Chips website has some tasty looking recipes, but, if I might plug a local Arizona company, Dr. Hummus hummus would be really, really good on these. Dr. Hummus's rosemary pita chips might be the only hummus-to-mouth vehicle that could potentially rival Falafel Chips. I'm making myself pretty hungry here...

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