Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ralph's Diner on Instant Film

Ralph's Diner is a bar/club/burger joint in Worcester, MA. It's also my favorite bar in the world. We used to go there a lot when we lived in Worcester. The walls are covered in taxidermy, junk shop oddities, and found art. The jukebox kicks ass and if you're around when the bartender puts coins in, she'll let you pick out some of the songs.

I used to like Pernod. Apparently, not a lot of people drink Pernod and the bartender at Ralph's remembered me as the dude who drank it. My band played upstairs a few times and we spent many nights in the dining car. Lots of good memories. Here's a Polaroid tribute to good ol' Ralph's.

What's your favorite bar?

 me and ruscitti at ralphs
Your humble narrator in a long-hair phase (circa 2005) with my buddy Jeff.
jared and veau at ralphs
My former bandmates, Veau and Jared drinkin' beers.
Damien and Erin under the taxidermy
Diner Car at Ralph's Holgaroid 58/365
Erin, Sarah, Damien, Dig, Liz
Ralph's Holgaroid 51/365
The dining car.
vera @ ralph's
My former band, Vera, playing at Ralph's. That's me on the left, Matt on the drums, Kevin on bass, and Veau on guitar. They've had a new stage for years now. This is pretty old.

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