Saturday, April 17, 2010

Colossal Cave

From the reverse: "Twenty seven miles southeast of Tucson, lies one of Pima County's most unique wonders, the Colossal Cave. The true interest in Colossal Cave lies in its delicate colorings and exquisite formations. The action of air and water from eons ago, has resulted in a veritable lace-like fairyland of stone"

We haven't actually visited Colossal Caves yet. There's a chance that we might be moving to another part of the state soon, so we better get on that. How could anyone pass up visiting "a veritable lace-like fairyland?" That's exactly the kind of macho stuff I'm into.


Jennifer Lowe said...

If I *ever* write an actual *poem* again, I am totally calling it "A Veritable Lace-like Fairyland."

Eric said...

I love the descriptions on old postcards. Many are full of grammatical errors. I think one person wrote a lot of the Arizona captions because I'm beginning to recognize a distinct pattern of hyperbole.