Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weird Dream

I had the weirdest dream last night. If I was superstitious I would swear it was a bad omen.

In my dream, Erin and I owned a golden retriever and a grizzly bear named Murry. I don't know what the dog's name was, but I recall calling the bear "Furry Murry" at least once.

So that's strange, but it gets stranger. A friend of ours starting hanging out with us and she had a bear, too. It wasn't anyone we know in waking life, but her bear was blonder than Murry.

Both bears and the dog were outside in the yard. The house was our house in Tucson, but outside was an amalgamation of New England and Calcutta; the flora was New England, the architecture was Calcutta. We decided to feed Murry, the dog, and the other bear, so I opened the front door and the dog and Murry scurried in. Our friend's bear was nowhere to be seen.

I went out into the yard. It's nighttime by this point. I can't spot the blond bear, but I'm not upset. Apparently, I trust Murry but not our friend's bear. Anyways, as I'm standing in front of the door, a huge gray wolf stalks across the yard. Here's where the bad omen part comes in - the wolf turns around and GIVES ME THE EVIL EYE! Holy crap. I start lobbing rocks at the wolf, but I can't hit it and it just keeps on giving the worst look. It's snarling, but the snarl looks like a smile and it can somehow make it's right eye bigger than it's left.

Then I just woke up. Creepy, right?


Angelo R. said...

When I first read "We decided to feed Murry, the dog, and the other bear..." I thought, "Wow Murry is a hungry boy."

Definitely creepy though.

Erin said...

My first thought was that you're watching too many shows about animals. Then I decided I had to look these themes up in an online dream dictionary! Interesting stuff...