Sunday, January 10, 2010

NYT - 36 Hours in Tucson

Here's a link to an article in the New York Times travel section about good ol' Tucson -

36 Hours in Tucson, Arizona.

Overall, this is a very helpful article, and I understand that it's meant to appeal to a wide audience, but I depart from the writer's advice on a few points.
1. To hell with Blah Encantada and that Tiffany/Louis Shitton crap. Why come to Tucson and buy stuff you can get anywhere? The city has many great locally owned businesses.  Start by checking out Fourth Avenue.
2.  Interstate 10 isn't bad, but it's not really the scenic route from Phoenix to Tucson - if you're looking to make the drive between the two cities worthwhile, take 60 to 79 through Florence. It will take longer, but you'll see more.
3. Don't come to Tucson and give your money to the Shitz Carlton or Worst Western; give some money to the local businesses. Arizona Inn is good advice. You can stay at Hotel Congress, too, but be aware that they play loud music and you'll be able to hear it in your room. Best solution - hang out in the bar or Club Congress until it closes. Better yet, camp at Catalina State Park.

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