Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blitzen Trapper - Furr

This is about my favorite song right now. It's terrific. Michael Robinson has a really great discussion of the song, wolves, and the changing image of the werewolf in popular culture over at Time to Eat the Dogs. If you're not reading that website yet, you're missing out.


Michael Robinson said...

Eric, thanks for your comment on Furr. I think you're right, wolves have gone from predators to underdogs and in the process we root for them. I also think you are right that they are easy to anthropomophize (sp?) because they are social, agressive, and nurturing - just like us. It is a good song - I found a video of Blizen Trapper playing Furr one of the late night shows - can't remember which. Its probably easy enough to find on YouTube. Are you carrying any of these themes forward in your dissertation?

Eric said...

Thanks for commenting, Michael. My wife heard B.T. on the radio a bit more than a year ago and we've became fans.
Patterns of change in anthropomorphism would certainly be an interesting topic to explore in a dissertation. For my dissertation I'm studying literature of crime and punishment in the colonial and early republican periods. I found your website through the Commonplace website.
A panel on anthropomorphism at a conference would be a great idea. It would be worth thinking about...