Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sedona Psychic Vortexes

Tourists flock to Sedona, AZ all seasons of the year and we're no different. We recently headed up to Sedona and Flagstaff for a little rest, relaxation, and cross-country skiing.

Though most people visit Sedona for the beautiful and iconic red rock formations that rise from all horizons, the small city also attracts many who adhere to or are curious about the New Age movement. Shops advertising healing crystals, faery and angel stuff, and other New Age and spiritual things line all major roads.

Probably the most iconic metaphysical attractions are several sites around town believed to be vortexes (though the plural of vortex is vortices, in Sedona, they say vortexes). Different people say that vortexes are different things - giant magnets or sites of spiritual energy for example. Some believe they heal, offer mental clarity, or give other-worldly visions. You can even take tours to the vortexes (all of which are pretty easily accessible without a tour; take one of the off-road Jeep tours instead ). Here's a description of the vortexes from the website for one tour group.

To say we're profoundly skeptical of all this would be an understatement, but Erin and I have visited Sedona many times and we've never checked out any of the vortex sites, so we swung by the Kachina Woman Vortex along Boyton Canyon. We found beautiful views, friendly people, and interesting geology, but no angels or faeries or supercharged-spirit-magnet-enlightenment-healing. We did meet a lady who claimed the vortex healed her knee, though, and she recommended the book pictured below. To each her own.

psychic energy vortexes
Look up the Vortex
small sandstone cairns
People built small cairns around the vortex site.
shitty resort mars nice view
Kachina Woman Vortex overlooks Boyton Canyon. Not sure how a developer got the permit to drop this shitty resort in the middle the canyon...
tree rocks at vortex
Here's a Sedona vortex map. Go get healed (or just enjoy the views).


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