Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dry Neighbors

Erin spotted this desert tarantula (technically an Arizona Blond Tarantula) huddled on the threshold of our kitchen door this morning. It's been raining and cold here in Tucson for a few days, so his burrow must be pretty inhospitable, possibly flooded. This fellow is probably male or juvenile because it's not a very big tarantula (though still damn big for a spider) and the females are larger than the males.

We don't mind sharing a little heat. Keep warm, buddy.

tarantula 3
tarantula 2

Update: I didn't originally post the following pictures of the tarantula because it was sitting near a pile of packrat turds, which is pretty gross, but upon looking at them again, I noticed that one of those turds is actually not a turd at all, but a regular sized spider. The contrast between the two spiders justifies posting the shots.

two spiders
giant and dwarf


Forberocity said...

Did you shoo it out the door after you took the pictures? I would have.

Eric said...

Ha ha. No, I let it alone. It's been wandering around the carport. We have a lot of tarantulas around out house.