Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Broome Review - Issue 4/ The Feathertale Review Issue 6

I've got a story in the current issue of The Broome Review. The story is called "Chips." It's about an old lady and her dog...sort of. You can get your copy via The Parlor City Press.

I've also had a funny little story called "Easter Vigil" published in The Feathertale Review a while back. That one is about a kid who doesn't want to go to church on Easter. It came out in September, but I figured I'd post about it here closer to Easter. Feathertale is Canadian, so they Canadianized all my spelling - i.e. color = colour.


Ari said...

Fucking Canadians.

Eric said...

Ha! The Canadians are the only ones who paid me! Their journal was government subsidized.