Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reader's Oasis Books, Quartzite, AZ

Situated near the Arizona/California border, Quartzite, AZ is an unusual place. Though in the middle of nowhere, it attracts RV enthusiasts from all over the US and Canada and has a reputation for hosting massive gem and mineral shows, flea markets, and RV shows. The main street is lined with gift shops selling tourist-trap items, such as airbrushed t-shirts, mini-crossbows, magnets, and other junk. It's a weird little town that is proud of its idiosyncrasies and it's full of interesting characters.

Chief among the interesting characters is Paul Winer, the owner/operator of Reader's Oasis Bookstore. Originally from New England, Paul spent years performing as a musician. He recently returned to the Northeast and played a sold out show in his old stomping grounds, Salisbury Beach. His primary focus these days is running Reader's Oasis. Visitors to the bookstore immediately notice the wide selection of cool, used books, magazine, ephemera, local memorabilia, and the attire of the manager. Paul is a nudest who wears footwear, a hat, glasses, necklaces, and specially-made covers for his...well...you see the photo. He's a hell of a nice guy with a welcoming attitude and great stories to tell. If you're ever driving on I-10 to Los Angeles, stop by and meet him.

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Anonymous said...

I met Paul yesterday for the firs time in all the years we have been coming here- he really in one hell of a nice & knowledgeable guy. Ask him anything about music or the local stuff & he will help you with good actual answers. I enjoyed meeting him . He really is a super nice guy, I figured he would be a little weird, but I was totally wrong. Take the time to meet him, it's worth the visit. I learned not to judge a book by its cover, or in his case lack there of. God bless him.