Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Yarn Owl Album Out Today! - Montaña Y Caballo

A few months ago, I became acquainted with a band from Pullman, Washington called Yarn Owl. We even chatted here on MOCS about their music and work; you can read that interview here. Well, Yarn Owl have a new album out today called Montaña Y Caballo. They recorded the album in a barn near Moscow, Idaho. How cool is that?

Montaña Y Caballo is wonderfully mellow and upbeat at the same time. Yarn Owl offers many of the best parts of the Northwest sound - full instrumentation, subtle production, and that certain something that makes you feel like taking a ride through the mountains. After a few listens, I'd say "Seashell Wind Chime" and "Embrace Our Place (Montaña Y Caballo)" stood out to me, but if you like those songs, you'll dig the whole album. It's only $5 bucks and you can buy it here on the Yarn Owl Bandcamp page. While you're there, download their previous album, Stay Warm. I've been humming that Bicycle song since I heard it. It will get you too.

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