Friday, September 25, 2009

Time Wearing Out Memory and an Unusual Coincidence

This photo was taken somewhere in Schoharie County, Upstate New York in Winter 2006.

Here's a neat story about this photo. About 9 months ago we were in a bookstore in Tucson AZ where we live and Erin was looking at a photography magazine when a picture looked familiar. It was a photograph from inside this house. We were very surprised because this place was quite remote and unassuming. Turns out the photo in the magazine was from a book entitled Time Wearing Out Memory: Schoharie County by Steve Gross and Susan Daley. We ended up buying the book. It's fantastic.

Here are some more sights with great photos, stuff about Time Wearing Out Memory and Schoharie County, New York.

Here are some other photos from our trip to Schoharie County.

NY House 1

This is the house that is in Time Wearing Out Memory.


This window was in the kitchen.

The following photos are from a different house we explored near the first house.



I found this tub up a rickety flight of stairs. The second floor was not stable, but I think the pipes helped hold this heavy tub up there.


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