Monday, September 28, 2009

Lauritz Philinsen

This is a portrait take by a Dutch photographer named L. Philisen who worked in Amager, a island connected to Copenhagen. The children look like boys dressed as girls. Dressing very young boys in girl's clothing was not unheard of in Victorian and post-Victorian American and England, though I don't know if it carried over to Denmark. The child on the left appears to have earrings, which might suggest that these are actually little girls. Perhaps they're with their grandmother.

Old woman and Children back

I have attempted to translate the text on the back of this photograph from Danish. I cannot claim any great knowledge of Danish. In truth, have no knowledge of Danish, and, being vegan, I don't even eat Danishes. I do, however, really enjoy translating (<--nerdy). So please forgive the shoddiness of the translation or feel free to correct it if you know Danish.

So here goes...
Amagervei 44 - This seems to be the address

Skraaes for Sundby Kirke - Across from (at an angle to) Sundby Church.

Pladen opbevares for Efterbestillinger - Records to be kept after orders.

Unfortunately, I've been unable to find any thing about Lauritz Philinsen online, but I can give a bit more general information on the photograph itself. It's a carte-de-visite, which was a inexpensive photo reproduction made to distribute to friends and relatives. They were also made to fit into photo albums. Judging by the design of this photograph (if we are to assume that trends in Denmark coincided with trends in the US and UK) then this picture is from the 1870's to 1890's.

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Anonymous said...

They often cut children's hair when they were ill, esp. with scarlet fever.