Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wasson Peak

view back downtrail
A modest 4687 feet gains Wassan Peak the title of the highest peak in the Tucson Mountains, which are partially protected by Saguaro National Park West. The walk to the summit is about seven miles or so, easy to follow, and popular. Lots of good desert plants and birds and a nice view at the end. I might suggest going during the week if possible. It's worth the trip out there because you can also visit the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and see the raptor presentation

two ranges
blue mountains

Unfortunately, my long-suffering camera is fading fast. The lens doesn't communicate with the camera body and I'm not sure the light sensor is quite right. I can usually finagle a few good shots out of it. Sometimes I get weird ones like this above, which is pretty cool.

crested saguaro
Crested saguaro are uncommon. Desert four-leaf clovers.
mineshaft entrance
Old mine shaft for what I think was the Gould mine...
tucson mountains from Wasson peak

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