Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flagstaff Nordic Center

I've driven by the Flagstaff Nordic Center quite a few times, so I was excited to finally make it up there to do some cross country skiing. It's in a beautiful spot beside the mountains, the trails are well groomed, the people are friendly, and they have yurts! Can't wait to go back.

nordic center
flagstaff nordic center
trail info
forest service sign
yellow ski doo


the Outage said...

Well, at least someone has snow.

Did you hit up a yurt during your stay? How comfy is the interior?

Eric said...

I've heard the east has been dry so far this year. There's still time though!

That yurt there is where they outfit you with skis and poles. It had a nice wood burning stove, but all the foot traffic meant it was pretty cold in there. They also have yurts you can rent and stay in, but we didn't get to see inside there. They have photos on the site - they look pretty cool!

the Outage said...

Yeah, winter has picked up out here, for sure. Timberline (in West Virginia) was barely open when we visited over New Year's. Now they've got over half the resort running.

I checked out the photos; the yurts look simple, functional, and inexpensive ($30/night for the small ones!) That wood stove would be a welcome companion after a day of skiing.