Monday, October 4, 2010

The Arizona Flag Effect

Arizona's state flag is really cool. The central star is copper colored in honor of the copper industry, long one of the most important industries in the state. The blue below the star is the same blue as the U.S. flag and represents liberty. There are 13 alternating red and yellow rays emanating from the star representing the 13 original counties of Arizona. The yellow and red are from the Spanish flag, a nod to the state's colonial Spanish heritage.
Arizona Flag
Taken overall, the flag depicts a sunset with crepuscular rays. Crepuscular rays, common at sunrise and sunset, are created when sunlight shines through spaces in clouds. The result is pretty damn spectacular. Here are some pictures of last night's sundown, crepuscular rays and all. These were taken west of Phoenix near Tonopah, AZ.
sundown road
 backlit cloud
blue skies
A big storm hovered to the north. This panoramic shot is best viewed large.