Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mt. Lemmon Fire Lookout/ So Long, Tucson

Four days before Erin and I moved out of Tucson, bound for the infernal north (Glendale), we headed up to the summit of Mt. Lemmon and stopped by the fire lookout. I'd been up there before, but the lookout wasn't occupied because it wasn't during fire season. This time around we were lucky enough to be invited in and got to look around. Gary Snyder spent some time in one of these fire lookouts in the Cascade Mountains in 1952-53. I could see myself doing that. The accommodations are more than adequate and the views can't be beat.
lookout dude
work station
tools of the trade
lookout doggy


Sean said...

That does look like a cool place to live. How does he get supplies? does he have to travel into town to go grocery shopping?

Sean said...

That does look like a cool place to live. How does he get supplies like food and toilet paper?

Sean said...

I didn't realize that my first post was successful.

berrylies said...

I, no offense, hate Arizona (blame my northern blood), but something like this could probably coax me back there. Incredible pictures. Thanks for sharing with the world!

Eric said...

It's not as remote as it looks. It's not too far from a paved road and there's a jeep road that leads almost right up to it. He gets days off, too, so that's probably when he gets supplies.

@ berrylies - sounds like your AZ Rx is Flagstaff. I'm from New England and I've only sort of gotten used to the heat...sort of. There are people that play basketball midday in July across from my house. Those dudes are Arizonans.

thewildwood said...

wow, that is a beautiful way to spend a summer, or however long the fire season is. Is it hard to get those jobs? Amazing.

Eric said...

I asked the guy working there if it was hard to get the job and he didn't know. He's an AZ forest firefighter and he mangled his hand real bad fighting a fire, so they gave him this appointment.

Not surprisingly, he says he loves the job. Who wouldn't, right?