Thursday, November 19, 2009

Worcester Postcards

Bancroft Tower 1907

bancroft tower reverse

Worcester County Massachusetts and the city of Worcester were our homes for most of our lives. I grew up in Uxbridge and my wife is from the neighboring town of Douglas. It's a great place to live. The first postcard shows the Worcester Town Hall, which is where we got our marriage license (yesterday was our anniversary, which is what prompted me to post this) and the second is of Bancroft Tower near Salisbury Street. 

The postcard was sent on May 25 1907 to:
Miss S. W. Austin
202 Harold Street,
Roxbury, Mass

The inscription reads:
"Glad to hear from you and that you can be about again. Expect to be at home soon. Am going to Worcester today. M.A.A." 

The stamp is a really interesting and commemorates Captain John Smith who founded Jamestown in 1607.


jenloveskev said...

these are awesome- I dont think I have ever seen or heard of the Bancroft Tower. I am very interested now to go find it...

Eric said...

Bancroft Tower is pretty cool. It's off of Salisbury Street. I wouldn't say it's worth a trip to Worcester just to see it, but if you're in the area visiting family, then it's worth checking out. You can't climb up it like the people in the picture.